Festival Club: concerts and events

Crisis is a state that is well known also in the music world, and especially in the circle of big record companies. In the first years of the twenty-first century streaming sites and Internet channels with unlimited access to music disrupted the existing monopoly of record giants. On the other hand, this crucial moment on the music market accompanied by new media and universal access to them, have become an opportunity for the development of independent music labels and new ways of presenting and sharing music. Small and independent record companies are now very important  on the music market, while DIY production of records is a common way of functioning of many bands. The activities mentioned above are musical attempts to generate social energy, which can be based on the community of listening to music and aided by small events and music initiatives.


This year’s Festival Club focuses on presenting and meeting groups associated with creative record companies (Lighthouse, Asphalt Records), or producing, releasing and promoting their own records (We Call It a Sound, Dead Snow Monster) at their own expense.


During the festival, every day at 10 p.m. we invite you to the Festival Club, which this year will be located in the Towarzyska Kafe club (12, Poznańska street).


The family musical duo We Call It a Sound is a blend of avant-pop, dance and folk sounds. Their compositions for two voices, electronics and two wind instruments, the trombone and the trumpet, are in essence songs referring to the atmosphere of the contemporary Polish countryside. The light beat electronica with trance motives is a proposal from Wicked Giant. The band was formed in 2014 and they are currently working on their first single. The uncompromising rap duo Syny (Lighthouse Records) attract not only with rough, ragged lyrics and sounds, but also energetic and mesmerizing atmosphere at concerts. There will also be some space for rock-and-roll rascals from Dead Snow Monster, who know perfectly well what the loud garage playing is like. Selvy is a truly danceable journey through the dancefloors of the world. He is one of the most interesting DJs and producers in Poland. His works are released by an independent London-based record company Coastal Haze, which combines American house with disco music. Funk, groove and soul are the domain of Burn Reynolds (Asphalt Records), whose sets warm the floor until it is red-hot. The musical bridge of the Festival Club will be two electronic mixes by Michał Margański (Polish Radio Three). A journalist and a radio DJ rolled into one, who combines such extreme genres as techno, disco, jazz or house, will play at the event entitled Radio House Party (24th September) and in the Towarzyska Kafe club (1st October). His sets and programs, apart from the wide selection of genres have a distinct dance character. The songs that he will present in Bydgoszcz are a selection of the pieces presented on the air of Radio Three during Triple Broadwidth on Saturday nights.


At the Towarzyska Kafe and the Regionalna Warzelnia Piwa (8, Poznańska street) you will get a special discount for the festival menu (giving the password: „Crisis”).